“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.20): Baby can I hold you tonight

It’s finally time to fight the power on Lost Girl. Or, more accurately, the Garuda. The season’s Big Bad finally reappears in all of his fiery winged glory. The final showdown is eminent, but before that we have a faux showdown where Dyson foolishly leads his friends into battle because of a wolf vision. Note to people who like breathing: Never follow someone into a deadly situation based on a hallucination they had while in the desert. Has no one ever been to Burning Man?


Let’s face it, anytime Lauren and Bo are on screen together it’s all the bait we need to stay glued to our seats. But this week, our beloved Doccubus started off a little rocky. Killing your former girlfriend’s current girlfriend does tend to put strain on a relationship. But it all ends just how we like them, together. These two, they’re in it together. Instead of cutting and running, Lauren decides to stay and fight. And we’re in it with them – and those two vials of Ash venom.


OK, I know we have a lot of Doccubus FEELINGS to sort through this week, but before we get into all that I need to talk about my Garuda Feelings. And those Feelings mostly center on the fact that our rag-tag group of Fae (and one tiny plucky human) really need a better plan. Like, Dyson has some enigmatic vision from his wolf spirit about a clash between a wolf and eagle and all of a sudden they decide to take on the Garuda all spur of the moment? And they come armed just with caveman clubs? Also, are there no other Fae willing to join the anti-Garuda army? Who goes into battle with five people?

And speaking of plans, Lachlan’s plan wasn’t much better. He willingly Obi-Wan Kenobied himself to the Garuda, in an effort to trick him into thinking his venom is gone. But before he sacrificed himself in the biggest fight flop ever (seriously, was the Garuda not just a tad suspicious?), the Ash doesn’t even bother to make sure his venom is safe outside of his body? Details matter, people! You’d think a guy with a trunk full of heads would know that.


Right, so onto those Doccubus FEELINGS. At first it was like Tori Amos’ “China” between these two, as you could feel the distance getting close. Not to mention the chill. When Bo goes to check on her, though really to pump her for intel on what she told Nadia/The Garuda, Lauren’s anger is palpable. Which is understandable because it is an incredibly painful time for her. But also she kind of did tell Bo to kill Nadia. So, um, you can’t blame a gal for following instructions. What remains more perplexing is the lack of communication between Lauren and Bo. From their interaction, it seems Bo hasn’t been back or talked to Lauren since Nadia’s death. Or, more accurately, since she slinked out of Lauren’s apartment without saying a word after killing her. I know it’s important to give grieving people space, but this is ridiculous, especially between two people who care so much for each other like these two.

Then later Lauren shows up at Bo’s and walks in requesting a drink without so much as a “Howdy” or “Can we talk?” or “So crazy about how you killed my girlfriend.” After a couple of tequila shots, she admits in her typical nerdish way that she originally came for a grief booty call. Or, in Dr. Hotpants speak:

And I know that I’m merely acting out of transference of grief onto you. Wanting to have sex is a very common response to grief. Biologically speaking, the transference often helps move the pain. Sort of use it as something else. Turn it into something different. Something better.

And then Bo echoes the entire fandom when she responds: “I love it when you totally geek out.”

But then, then this exchange happens and while it may seem cruel at first, I think it actually works in the context of Lauren’s colliding grief and logic.

Lauren: Can I sleep with you?
Bo: Yes.
Lauren: I just mean sleep. In your arms.
Bo: [Pause] Yeah, exactly.


The epic showdown between Fae and evil got off to a less than epic start. The sad, disorganized attack on the Garduda was indeed sad and disorganized. And it was also deadly. Ciara returned this episode only to die while shielding Bo and Kenzi. So now both Bo’s lovers are minus one significant other. Oh, Ciara, we’ll miss how you distracted emo Dyson from brooding over Bo. Also your accent.


Our lady of the multi-colored highlights was relatively silent this week. So instead this week’s funniest quip came from Bo herself. When Trick tells her all the snakes have fled the zoo, she lets out her own perfectly timed Kenzism:

“Maybe they’re on a plane?”


Bo and the ladies – oh, and Ciara and Kenzi look pretty good, too.

So, what did you think of this week’s showdown? How are your Doccubus FEELINGS doing? And be sure to pour a little out for Ciara and Lachlan. Peace out, homies.