“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.21): You leave me breathless

It’s the end of the world as the Fae know it, and everyone’s feeling a little frisky and a lotta fierce. After the disastrous so-called strike at the Garuda, the gang is back to square one minus one key ally. They all gather at Ciara’s wake at the Dal, but this is no time to lick their wounds. Instead, it’s time to find reinforcements and get more intel. For one, Bo finally confronts Trick about their unique bond. And, as some of you guessed, it is indeed familial. But he’s not Bo’s daddy, he’s Bo’s granddaddy. It turns out he’s Aife father. It’s like the Empire Strikes Back in reverse. “Bo, she is my daughter!” Luckily, no one loses a hand – yet.

So this news means Bo’s blood has major mojo. For Trick that means it writes the laws and controls the future. For Bo it means she can enslave others and bind them to her will. So, I guess all that Ryan as psychotic puppy and stalker groom had a purpose after all. Interesting stuff. And just as interesting is the sure-to-remain-unresolved question of who her father really is. Gotta have something for the third season, right?


Two words: Emmanuelle Vaugier. Two more words: Anna Silk. Now put those four words together and you have Emmanuelle Vaugier and Anna Silk getting up close and very sexy. Which makes me say four more words: Thank you very much.

When Bo goes to the Morrigan for help to fight the Garuda, she gets into a complex game of cross and double-cross with the leader of the Dark Fae which ends with a very, um, stimulating seduction scene. I always say, when black leather gets old, go with black lace. Oh, and handcuffs. Don’t forget the handcuffs.


As juicy as the Trick is Bo’s grandpa news was, the moments that had me feeling the most feelings were the small ones between Lauren and Dyson this week. (Well, besides the major Doccubus FEELINGS I had, but more on that in a bit.) As Trick so pointedly said at Ciara’s wake, “It’s a heavy burden. Losing someone you love. Someone you tried to save.” Both Lauren and Dyson know this, both know what it’s like to lose a loved one, both know what it’s like to love Bo. But instead of being adversarial about it, they seem to have possibly called a truce. Could this be the beginning of their friendship? We all know the Lauren-Bo-Dyson love triangle has been a central theme of the show since the start. But, now, finally – as they both pledge to be with Bo “to the end” – have we perhaps moved past it? Probably not, especially given Dyson getting his wolf love back. But we can hope.


Oh, ladies. These two keep getting so close, so very close, to giving us the Doccubus Action we’ve been dying to see again since we first learned Lauren had some comatose girlfriend named Nadia. But first, Bo turns a little tables on Lauren when she shows up at her door bloodied.

Bo: I need…
Lauren: To heal, yes, of course. [Starts to unbutton shirt.]
Bo: No, no. I was going to say an aspirin.

Aww, someone forgave but didn’t forget when Lauren said she just wanted to sleep and snuggle in her arms.

But these two aren’t about to forget what they feel for each other. In fact, Lauren hypothesizes that is what helped Bo go all Super Succubus and suck the chi out of an entire room to save her before. But, let’s be honest, none of us care about Lauren’s hypotheses right now. What we do care about is this.

Bo: You take my breath away.
Lauren: Breathless.
Bo: Completely.

And then Lauren geeks out and runs off because she has another hypothesis about what’s making Lachlan’s venom coagulate. Hey, Dr. Hotpants, we love how blinded you are by science. But you’ve giving us major blue ladybits here.


While Bo was busy making deals, breaking deals and dealing a succubitchy blow to the Morrigan to get Vex on her side, Kenzi was busy off on her own adventure. As much as I love – and believe me, I love – when Kenzi and Bo work together, it’s also refreshing to see Kenzi strike out on her own. And it proves that our favorite tiny human us more than just the sidekicks. She’s indispensable – not to mention a major badass. Who would have thought it’d be Kenzi who got Dyson his love back, and with a chainsaw no less. Her power tool assault on the Norn and her ancient tree was brutal and brutally effective. Now let’s just hope whatever spilled on her in the process wasn’t too terrible. Oh, man, it’s going to be terrible.


“I’m human, remember? We drive SUVs and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger.”


How about a Boobs and Abs O’Clock this week? Also, I think I might start naming Bo and the Morrigan evil Hall & Oates – because they’re maneaters and womaneaters. Yum.

So did this week’s Lost Girl leave you breathless? With only one episode left, how will it all end? And, come on, Lauren – less science more smooching!