Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” SnapCap (1.18) — Sacrifice


Sigh. No Faylissa. No Delissa. No Fayana (except in real life). No Dassie. No Calissa. No Chamberblake. Even after we learned last episode that when girls and boys get together, birds die, all we saw this week was girls flirting with boys, girls pining over boys, girls depressed because leprechauns are liars. 

I don’t know what has to happen to get these witchy girls to stop looking for guys and start looking at each other. 


Angst. Poor lesbian Adam wants to remember the feeling of being in love with Cassie, but he can’t. Cassie wants to not remember being in love with Adam, but she does. 


You know what stirs up my feelings in this show? Whenever a male causes a problem, or lies, or starts acting like a jerk, and a female calls him on it, he says, “I was trying to protect you.” Seriously? What year is this, TSC writers?


Our favorite b-witch spent far too much time flirting with the hockey team to be very witty this week. But she did have a few choice turns of phrase.

On Adam and Cassie’s tragic love:

“Tragic is the way Adam followed her dark highness around like a puppy dog.”

On being grateful for the pair giving up their love to save the Circle:

“I’m grateful that I never have to see Adam bat his oversized lashes at her undersized head ever again.” 

On dating outside the witchy world”

“It would be nice to have regular romance problems, not the epic tragic kind.”


The truth is starting to emerge — maybe. We now know that Parental Circle’s quest for more power through summoning demons started the chain of events 16 years ago that led to the boathouse fire. And we know that John Blackwell still has magic after all (he lied because he was trying to protect Cassie, of course). But John’s not strong enough alone to defeat the witch hunters, who are now summoning the very same demons, so he calls the Circle together for a little inspiration. 

“This has to end. It’s gone on for far too long. Hundreds of thousands of witches killed since the 14th century and we’ve just stayed in the shadows, hiding who we are, hoping that something would change, that the goodness in people would prevail. Nothing has changed – they’ve just found new reasons to hate us, new ways to kill us. Now they’ve got demons. We can’t just sit back and be victims anymore. We’ve got to rise up. I’ve spent 16 years trying to believe that witchcraft wasn’t the answer. I was wrong. It’s the only answer.” 

Change a few nouns and you’ve got a pretty good gay rights speech. Not that I personalize stories about minority persecution. 

The Circle is tasked with gathering the crystals of the six families. The power of the crystals, plus the power of the Circle, can destroy the demons and, according to John, “we can stop hiding forever.” We’re not sure where all the crystals are, but I have a feeling Charles is not going to part with his willingly. 

What did you think of this episode of The Secret Circle? Do you think John is telling the truth about the demons and witch hunters? Or does he want the crystals for himself? Who’s John digging up at the end of the episode?