“Lost Girl” SnapCap (1.11): Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf

Right, so I’m not going to sugar coat it. This is a Dyson episode. Like a major, big time, you betcha Dyson episode. And, for whatever reason, our wolf man also appears as much shirtless in this episode as he does fully clothed. So, what I’m trying to say is, this may not be every lesbian fan’s favorite episode. But, Dyson also gets accused of a grisly murder and tortured for a bit. So, you know, there’s that.


Right, so I mentioned Dyson is shirtless a lot, right? And while I can appreciate a finely toned physique as much as the next person, this week was definitely more for the G and B in LGBT than those of us on the L side. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You guys enjoy.


This was also the episode that cemented the Bo-Dyson love connection. Though I guess you can’t blame the Big D for finally falling completely for Bo. She did believe his story from the start that he didn’t kill Vex’s Dark Fae henchman. And she did stick by his side when almost everyone else was ready to turn him over to the Dark Fae. And, yes, she did save him from being executed by the Morrigan for a crime he didn’t commit. So, I guess it’s only natural he’s a smitten kitten – or wolf pup.

But, the thing is, I still don’t really see what Bo sees in Dyson. I mean, well, besides the looking good without his shirt thing. He’s secretive. He’s moody. He’s prone to bouts of pouty testosterone-fueled stubbornness. And he does bone-headed things like leave the safe sanctuary of the Dal because he can’t listen to instructions. Yeah, that’s some catch. Also, you’d better hope that guy has a good dental plan because, my, what big teeth he has.


While this was a Dyson episode, Lauren did make an appearance. But it was mostly to emphasize the awkwardness between her and Bo. So when she arrives to give Hale information on the case, Bo gets all, “Oh great, her.” And then they have another clipped conversation. And then we again have Lauren reassuring Bo that she is trying to help her and on her side. Sigh. If only she believed Lauren as blindly as she does Dyson.

So as far as shenanigans go, that was more processy than sexy. But what was off-puttingly sexy was the return of Vex. As devious as that dude is, he still managed to be a delight to watch. I think it’s the accent – and the hair. And this week is no different. So when he makes Bo do a little sexy, self-touchy dance, it’s awful and wrong. And, yes, also kinda sexy. How very vexing indeed.


The Case of the Week has everything: gruesome murder, erased memories, shady S&M, tested loyalties and spiky dog collars. As Bo sets out to clear Dyson’s name, she uncovers a nasty pain-for-pay ring Vex’s henchman was running. He’d find runaways hanging out at the goth club, and then let rich guys hurt them for fun, only to erase their memories and do it all over. But Bo busts them and a sicko who pays for the pleasure. And busts free Dyson from the Morrigan’s clutches. It’s all very Law & Order: Special Fae Unit.


“It’s a Friday night. Where better to be than a deadly Dark Fae dance club?”


Food and boobs, now that’s really a perfect Friday night.

Well, what did you think? I know, I know – too much Dyson. Speaking of which, Lost Girl’s Canadian home Showcase is running yet another Team Lauren v. Team Dyson poll. Like that’s even a question. Get your vote on, ladies.