“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.22): When Old Blue Eyes Attacks

It’s the end of the Fae as we know it, and Bo is feeling pretty damn powerful – thank you very much. Our champion finally emerges, blue eyes blazing, thanks to a little blood bonding with her rag-tag team of Fae warriors and a major assist from the Kenziest Kenzi. So you just know that fiery winged Garuda is burnt toast. But, before he can flame out, we are treated to a little Drama with a capital D. We have near “I love yous” and near mortal leg wounds and near death demonic possessions and near super succubus power trips. Oh, and Bo and Lauren totally make out. So suck on that, wolf boy. Right, sorry, got carried away for a second. On to the Season 2 finale.


I mentioned that Bo and Lauren made out already, right? Well, more like passionately shared a kiss they thought might be their last as the world teetered on the edge of oblivion. Not that you’re into that kind of thing. Nope, not even one tiny little bit. Get your Doccubus fix now, ladies — it’s gonna be a long, Hotpants-free summer.


Remember last week when I wondered out loud if the small, sympathetic moment between Lauren and Dyson might signal the end of their rivalry in the Lauren-Bo-Dyson love triangle? Yeah, not so much. While the open hostility may be gone, the fight for Bo’s heart is very much on and livelier than ever at the end of the second season. While Dyson getting his love back didn’t play as central a role as I’d expected (though, rest assured, it probably will next season), there are clear and openly acknowledged signs he’s definitely back on Team Bo, again. And gunning for Lauren, again.

And while you’d think Bo kissing Lauren in front of Dyson gives our good doctor the clear advantage, don’t count out that wily wolf. With the battle over, he makes what seems like a benevolent, but really self-serving suggestion to Lauren that with the Ash dead now might be her best chance to “run, be free” because he know how much freedom means to her. To which Lauren replies with a calm poker face, “Well I appreciate you looking out for me.” Thank heavens for Vex, who sees the obvious triangle and states the obvious for our little Bo-Bo: “You’re going to have a lot of fun with that.” Yep. See you lovebirds in Season 3.


I know actions speak louder than words and all, but it’s still kind of silly how hard a time these two have expressing their feelings for each other when their lips aren’t touching. Before the big fight, Bo and Lauren share a quiet moment where what isn’t said speaks louder than what is.

Lauren: Bo, you promise me one thing. You make the Garuda suffer. … You have faith in yourself. In your heart.
Bo: It’s not my heart I’m worried about. … I love you … all, so much.
Lauren: Then be what we need. … A leader.

Ladies, ladies. Just say it. In the words of Kenzi, you luuuuurve each other.


The Garuda and his wings of fury seem like a formidable foe. But Bo and company know together they’re stronger, especially if that together means they’ll all tapped into Bo’s mega mojo. So after a little blood brothers-and-sisters ritual, which Vex fakes, they’re bonded to Bo to keep the Garuda from feeding on their discord. Of course, Vex’s little treachery backfires. So Lauren steps up and becomes the bad-ass we all knew she was when he gets squeamish about taking Bo’s blood. As our distinguished doctor emphatically tells Vex: “Well you’d better get comfortable because I’m going to shove this arm so far down your throat you’ll be mesmerizing your own bowel movements.”

Did Dr. Hotpants going all Dr. Hothead makes anyone else want to drop their pants like a hot potato? Good, just checking.

Still this fight is Bo’s to win and with all of Team Bo finally on board those babies go blue and she starts to kick major Garuda wingtips. So he takes refuge inside of Trick, who has been weakened by a vision the Garuda showed him about his wife’s death. Will Bo kill gramps to save the rest of Faedom? Of course. But our lady, she has a plan. So after she uses the one dose of Lachlan’s venom to kill the Garuda/Trick, she bring everyone’s favorite barkeep/The Blood King back by using the one dose of life essence of her grandmother. Sure, that life essence was meant to bring Bo back from the dark side after she went all super succubus while hopped up on everyone’s blood. But, on the plus side, Anna Silk looks great with blue eyes.

Ten bucks says Bo is the Big Bad for Season 3.


After getting healed by Hale from her near-fatal knife wound, Kenzi reminds us all why we love her so:

“What happened? Did I get roofied again?”

And this, Glee writers, is what you call continuity.


Admit it, Trick has the best sight-line in town. Eye up, grandpa, eyes up.

So, what did you think about the Season 2 finale? What did you think about the return of the love triangle? Oh, Boobs O’Clock, I think I’ll miss you most of all.