TV Alert: “The Big C” and “Nurse Jackie” return Sunday on Showtime

The Big C and Nurse Jackie both ended last season with a game changer. Finally, this Sunday, we get to see what’s next.

We’ve already told you about some of the things in store for Season 4 of Nurse Jackie. Jackie (Edie Falco) finally hits bottom in a very dramatic way and heads for rehab. And Karma kicks in big time. Here’s the cast talking about what’s ahead.


After watching the first few episodes of the season, I’m happy with where the story is going. I was getting a little tired of Jackie getting deeper and deeper into addiction without facing the consequences. I don’t see the same Jackie this season — and it’s a relief. This could be the strongest season since year one.

We’ll have an interview with showrunner Linda Wallem later today to tell us more about the season, which starts Sunday at 9 ET. You can watch an edited version free at the Showtime website.

The Big C closed Season 2 with Cathy (Laura Linney) crossing the finish line in a marathon her friend Lee didn’t survive to run. She saw friends & family living and dead waiting to cheer her success – but apparently her husband Paul (Oliver Platt) was not in the state she expected.

With new hope for a life extension, Cathy sets out to live to the fullest. Most of her family opts to do the same — with mixed results. No spoilers here, but we’ll see changes all around. And one thing we look forward to most is a multi-episode arc featuring guest star Susan Sarandon self-help guru Joy.

The season premiere is Sunday at 9:30 ET. If you can’t wait, you can watch the first episode online, with a few naughty words edited out.

Are you planning to watch this season of Nurse Jackie and/or The Big C? What do you expect to see this year? If you’ve watched the first episode, tell us what you think.