“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.18): “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Last night Grey’s Anatomy returned with “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Yes, there is an actual lion on the loose in Seattle, but, more importantly, Arizona is a playa who apparently slept with half of Seattle Grace’s female staff! Who knew?

AfterEllen Bait

Watching Callie trying to figure out how many female staff members her wife has slept with is quite hilarious. It must be a curse being married to someone as hot as Jessica Capshaw.

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

It’s been a week and Cristina still won’t talk to Owen about his affair. What is there to say? “Hey, Owen, you’re an a—h-le!” Since Cristina is giving him the silent treatment Owen reaches out to Meredith for guidance. Unbeknownst to Owen, Cristina didn’t tell Meredith about the affair because she didn’t want her soulmate hating her husband.

Cristina doesn’t speak to Owen at all during this episode but she does throw an entire bowl of cereal in his face. What a waste of a good bowl of cereal.

All this talk of cheating gets Meredith worked up.

Meredith: If you ever cheat on me, I’ll kill you.

Derek: Ok.

Meredith: I mean it.

Derek: Ok.

Meredith: Say it!

Derek: I will never cheat you.

Teddy attends her first group grief counseling session. (It’s about time!) But she’s not really embracing the group, and she even makes fun of another woman there who is mourning.

And once again Lexie struggles with the thought of wanting Mark back although, once again, she chickens out on telling him her true feelings. I’m ready for Lexie to move on and find another love interest. Paging Nurse Colleen! (For more information on Nurse Colleen, visit the Whores & Gore section below.)

Whores & Gore

Callie calls attention to the elephant in the room when she sees Nurse Colleen linger while hugging Arizona.

Callie: Hey, so that was a little awkward. Don’t you think that thing with Colleen? She got so emotional. Almost seems like you guys we are thing.

Arizona: Yeah she gets like that.

Callie: Oh really? She gets like that? Like you know how she gets? Like you were a thing.

Arizona: Callie!

Callie: What? I’m just asking. It’s not a big deal.

Arizona: We were a little bit of a thing a very long time ago.

Callie: Oh! Wow. Seems like something you would have mentioned.

Arizona: Well, it didn’t even occur to me.

Callie: Oh? Have you dated other people in the hospital and it hasn’t occurred to you to tell me about?

Arizona: Ok, you know what? We’re not doing this!

Callie: No it’s totally fine. I mean, I’ll tell you about my exes.

Arizona: I know about your exes.

Callie: Not all of them. You don’t know about Karev.

Arizona: I know about Karev.

Callie: Look just give me a number. Ballpark. What? Five? Ten? Hundreds?

Arizona: One or two, ok? That’s it.

Callie: One or two. That’s not so bad.

That holds Callie off for a while but she can’t let this new information on Arizona go bye without a struggle.

Callie: Excuse me. Colleen was an ortho nurse. I worked with her everyday for two years that the two of you…she has seen you naked.

Arizona: Ok, fine. What do you want to know?

Callie: I want names!

Arizona laughs and then just start pointing out numerous women in the cafeteria.

Callie: That’s Noel. She’s not even gay.

Arizona: Well, she was that night. Also Nancy in path, Meg in dermo, nurse Tia and her sister but you know, not at the same time.

Mark talks Callie off the edge and puts it all in perceptive.

Mark: You got to get over it. Everybody’s got a past.

Callie: Look, I’m fine with her having a past. I just didn’t know I was working with it, operating with it, seeing it in the cafeteria.

Mark: That woman wakes up everyday sees my face in her kitchen holding her kid. The kid that you and I made together.

Callie: Yeah, I guess that can’t be easy for her.

Mark: Easy? Knowing you’ve been with the golden boy of this hospital, the woman’s in hell Torres. I’m a God. It’s killing her.

In the end Callie and Arizona kiss, make up and Callie strips off her shirt and reveals her adorable pink polka-dot bra. I love these two!

Medical Mishaps

The lion is taken down by a tranquilizer after attacking its owner and her boyfriend. The wild animal is removed from the woman’s two bedroom apartment (in which it should have never been in the first place) causing the woman to blame and dump her boyfriend. Now that’s a good break up story.

Alex asks to be taken off of Arizona’s service to put distance between him and his intern, Morgan. Morgan doesn’t take Alex’s noticeable withdrawal well, and feverishly texts him non-stop. Morgan can’t come to grips with the failing health of her preemie.

Alex sounds off to Morgan: “I’m not his dad! I’m not your boyfriend and you can’t rely on me to make this decision.”

Arizona advises Morgan to consider AND (allow natural death) since her son is suffering.

Teddy had a good day in the operating room, repairing an elderly man’s heart. When she finishes, she races to deliver the good news to her patient’s wife but instead finds the woman dead in the waiting room. Teddy has to go back to her recovering patient and give him the sad news that his wife has passed away. Through her patient’s grief, Teddy is finally able to grieve herself. Teddy stares at herself in the mirror and repeats over and over again, “I am a widow. I am a widow. I am a widow.” (Good thing she didn’t say “Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.”)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you enjoy Arizona’s storyline as much as I did?