Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.01) — Kettle Kettle Black Black

Jackie’s back!

OK, if you gave up on Nurse Jackie because you were tired of her getting away with her lies, secrets, and addiction time after time, check out the next few episodes. Season 4 stops Jackie in her tracks — which lets the whole show take a giant step forward. This season marks a return to the quality that drew you to the series in the first place.


All of us who love Nurse Jackie — including writers Linda Wallem and Liz Brixius — understand that the heart and soul of the show is a relationship. Dr. Eleanor O’Hara and Jackie Peyton love each other. Theirs is the most stable relationship on the show. Sure, we know that the good doctor and the struggling nurse likely will never be lovers. And guess what? We don’t care. We still intend to ship their adoration of each other. I solemnly swear to find subtext wherever possible. For now, we christen this ship O’Jackie.

This episode was mostly a flashback of what made Jackie check in to rehab. O’Hara was with Jacks when finally said, “I need to go to rehab,” and Eleanor made sure she got there.

“You seem eager to get rid of me.” “I am.”

When Eleanor took Jackie to the rehab facility, we shared one of the best O’Jackie moments ever.


They may not be lovers, but I think they’re going steady. So many feelings.


After such a sweet OTP send off from O’Hara, Jackie faces her introduction to rehab. And while she is half listening to the counselor, every lie, every betrayal, every bad choice, every denial is piling up on Jackie’s shoulders. Giving up control means feeling the weight of all the things you did to pretend you actually had control. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

While Jackie’s world spins off its axis, one of our other favorite women has a shake-up, too. The hospital has new ownership, with a new administrator, Dr. Cruz (Bobby Cannavale). That renders Dr. Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) “redundant.” She can leave with half her pension or spend the two years she has until full funding as a floor nurse.

We feel ya, friend. Fortunately, Akalitus interacting with the other nurses leaves plenty of room for comedy. Pharmacist Eddie deals with his feelings about Jackie by getting drunk and telling Kevin about his four-year affair with Jackie. Kevin takes the news in stride.

Do men really settle everything by fighting?


Yo, Eddie! Don’t be messin’ with my main girl.

Puppies! Want.

I knew Jackie liked me.


Did you recognize the guy Jackie picked up at church? Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong.

I kept expecting to hear “When I Come Around.” But he didn’t.

Many things came to light in the season premier. Kevin knows about Jackie’s affair. Jackie knows Eleanor’s pregnant. Akalitus knows that Jackie’s gone to rehab. The All Saints staff knows the hospital has new owners. And everyone knows that Coop needs a shave.

What’s left? A lot. And yes, next time we see Dr. O’Hara, she’s wearing Jackie’s necklace.

What did you think of the Season 4 premiere of Nurse Jackie? Are you excited about the show’s new direction?