“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: Need You Now – Part Two

Note: The Goggles continue to make everything better.


Alright, peeps, same deal as last week, OK? We’re going to finish out “Need You Now, Part 2” with our Gay Girl Goggles still on, because, really? Even the title is lesbian. OK, sure, it could be gayer, but probably only if it was “Need Cat-Rescuing, Hummus-Making, Birkenstock-Cobbling Champions of Park Slope Now.” And then it just sounds like Craigslist.

Oh, and we’re adding Jake to our lesbian count.


Let’s see: Eli is hormonal and stalkery and thinks Imogen is “shunning” him, Imogen is indeed shunning him, Fiona is mostly a prop (except for that deleted scene that they continue to withhold from us), Jake is definitely a prop, and Adam is all “play it cool, man.”

Adam also understands that sometimes girls do things they don’t want their male lesbian lovers to know about. Like cheat on them, Eli assumes. “Like get their mustaches waxed,” Adam counters.


Eli, upon seeing lots of pictures of Fiona on Imogen’s camera and spotting her joking around with Jake, jumps to the obvious conclusion: Jake and Imogen are newfound lesbian lovers.

When Eli jealously tries to confirm with Adam that Jake’s a “pretty good looking dude,” Adam just responds, “Since when are you into dudes? I thought you were a lesbian.”

Meanwhile, Imogen’s evening plans are to go make out with Fiona (maybe it’ll show up in the DVD extras?), and she kindly invites Eli to watch.

That night, Imogen laments Eli’s recent behavior and his unwillingness to discuss it, while watching a subtitled movie that appears to be about cats (gay).

But apparently Eli didn’t get the memo that Imogen and Fiona know perfectly well how to keep their hands occupied with just the two of them. He jumps to the logical conclusion that Fiona’s allowing Imogen to use her loft as a third-party hook-up spot and breaks in to catch Imogen in the act.

Upon hearing a suspicious noise, Fiona and Imogen leave their gay cat movie to arm themselves with lamps and umbrellas, only to find Eli, who gets defensive about his crazypants actions while continuing to look around for Jake.


After this fiasco, Eli starts to throw out everything that reminds him of Imogen, but a talk with his doctor reassures him that his breaking-and-entering was inspired by nothing more than normal teenage hormones and jealousy. Um, really?

Luckily for us, Imogen stands by her discomfort with their relationship and Eli’s actions, though, and tells him that, despite having dreamed about being with him for a year, she doesn’t think they’re good for each other after all.

Eli, like the good disciple of the Book of Lesbian that he is, immediately decides that it’s time to be best friends with his ex-girlfriend. Such a quick study!

So when Imogen next shows up, he convinces her to grab a meal with him and bond over artistic pursuits, cats, and when she’s finally going to let Fiona buy her a toaster.

And that’s a wrap (I hope!) on Eli and Imogen. Next up, a potential romance for Adam? And the hope of the eventual release of that deleted scene, of course!

What’d you all think of the resolution of Imogen and Eli?