“Jessica Jones” recap (1.05): You’re never fully dressed without a smile

Previously on Jessica Jones: Susan from Friends is a secret anti-superhero bigot. Malcolm from next door is a secret stalker for Kilgrave. Jeri from your worst lesbian divorce nightmare scenario is a secret romance recycler.

So, finally, some backstory. What we knew about Jessica’s secret superhero life before was 1) she tried it, and 2) it didn’t take. But now we’re transported 18 months earlier to Jessica Jones: Dissatisfied Office Drone. Her primary vocation appears to be mindlessly misusing office supplies and casually extorting her bosses for severance pay packages.


On her way out she knocks over a file cabinet for good measure and then contemplates everyone’s biggest resume-building dilemma: Whether to put “day drinking” under “Experience” or “Special Skills.” Hey, why not both?

Before Kilgrave Jessica brushes up on her Experience/Special Skills with Trish. But then, as is wont to happen whenever two women are enjoying each other’s company in public without any or all presence of the male species, a man walks up to interrupt them. He says something vulgar about watching Trish in her old TV show and masturbation.


So Jessica challenges the doofus to a Strength Tester/Unchecked Male Ego Humblizer game. I must say, one of the best things about this show is its complete crushing of the concept of male entitlement to female bodies. Jess smokes him in the punch test and Trish credits Jillian Michaels to confused onlookers.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Trish give each other knowing looks that are just a few notches below the Carol/Therese level of sexual chemistry. I mean, seriously: Why aren’t these two totally gay for each other already?


Just like a good girlfriend, Trish pushes Jessica to do more with her talents. There’s a lot of good a girl who knows how to guided fall can do. Though I can’t help but think Trish is trying to live vicariously through Jessica’s superhero abilities.