Wynonna Earp S2. E2: ‘A Whole Lotta Nope’

You guys. This episode. My favorite so far? Possibly. This episode feels like the turning point for Waverly, where she goes from generally helpless sidekick who does the background research to co-partner in Wynonna’s badassness. Also, if it turns out Waverly is half demon and has super powers, that’s going to be a super awesome addition to the Scooby team. Wynonna could use more supernatural allies. Also worth noting is that Nicole finally got to dress a little gay, and that we got this close to a WayHaught sex scene. Plot-wise, it’s the perfect mix of poignant, witty, bold, and scheming. Overall, top shelf episode.

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Previously on “Wynonna Earp,” Waverly tasted different and Dolls ran free like a mustang. When we start episode 2, Wynonna and Doc are sharing a flirtatious moment showering…in disinfectant after having visited Bob Del Rey’s trailer park and not having found any Revenants…and doing some dirty work for Black Badge (the details of which are never returned to in the episode, which is a fun way of suggesting a wider universe for the Wynonna Earp world without having to explicitly show everything).

An unhappy Wynonna complains about having to do the paperwork for it, which prompts (surprise trick of the camera! Wynonna and Doc aren’t alone!) Agent Luchado to step out and read, “Whatever gooed us stunk of living anus and was hairier than a pre-waxed Nedley.” It’s exactly the type of sass you would write in a school report if you hated your teacher and didn’t care about your grade, which is exactly how Wynonna feels about Black Badge. Luchado is pissed because Wynonna and Doc didn’t kill or capture the creature, and until all the creatures from the Hellmouth are rounded up, Luchado is stuck in Purgatory, which she views as its own living anus.

Back at the sheriff’s office, Nicole is smoothly downplaying what she recognizes is probably a Hellmouth-related incident while Waverly flirts at her from a distance (dressed in her usual eccentric, slightly inappropriate Waverly fashion). Nicole is having none of it, however, because she’s still hurt by her exclusion from the Black Badge blood oath incident. She coldly reminds Waverly that her real job is figuring out who’s flying a drone over the girls’ dance studio, not hunting demons. They then exchange the usual passive-aggressive lesbian couple banter:

Waverly: I’m sorry they un-deputized you from Black Badge. Don’t hold it against me, please.

Nicole: I’m not mad.

Waverly: Oh, okay, in that case…

Nicole: Never talk to me again, Earp traitor.

Nicole hands Waverly the case she just took and storms off, which is reeeeal mature, Haught. Reeeal mature. Back in the Black Badge spaces in the sheriff’s office (which I’ll call BBHQ, Black Badge Headquarters, for short), Luchado is playing petty government bureaucrat dictator while the Scooby Gang rolls their eyes and do their best to ignore her. The tech guy Jeremy from the last episode announces he has created an app to track all the creatures that came through the Hellmouth, which catches Wynonna’s interest until he says he can’t actually track them yet.

Waverly offers up Nicole’s case, which involves creepy sounds coming from a new condo complex, but Luchado dismisses the idea scornfully. Chasing down random sounds is far too ad hoc and unregimented to work. She wants order and logic and sees all of them as totally useless except for Wynonna’s gun. Waverly is the coffee girl (ouch) and what does Doc contribute anyway? Wynonna doesn’t appreciate Luchado’s terrible attitude, but Luchado reminds her that if they don’t produce results—namely, kill a demon—Black Badge will liquidate all of them (including herself), like they did Eliza.

Wynonna decides to pursue the condo thing. The condo development is owned by Mercedes Gardner, an old frenemy from high school who was Purgatory’s second most hated female after Wynonna. Mercedes tells Wynonna the condo complex was previously an abandoned school. Nothing at all likely to be a giant nope there. Wynonna chases down a suspiciously fleeing construction worker and finds out it’s Earl, a Revanant who’s just trying to make a living, and then she flashes back to the night she had to kill Willa to save the world. This distraction allows Earl to slip away, but when Wynonna gives chase, she finds instead a whole bunch of cobwebs and a big cocoon. Clearly, there’s a very big nope spider hanging out in the old school.

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