Wynonna Earp S2. E5: It’ll Blow Your Mind

At the Sheriff’s office, Nicole is worried because Waverly isn’t responding to her messages. Demon Wynonna decides to be a jerk to boot and suggests that Nicole is being too U-Haul Lesbian. Waverly isn’t the “white picket fence in Purgatory girl” that Nicole wants her to be and Nicole should just let her go.

Nicole, looking like a kicked puppy, tells Demon Wynonna that she’s mean when she drinks in the morning, and she drinks in the morning too often. Once Nicole is out of earshot, Demon Wynonna snarks she hopes Nicole’s Tinder game is solid, which is ridiculous because Purgatory is so small that Tinder would be like, five dudes and a cow. Wynonna surfaces for a moment to tell the demon that Nicole didn’t deserve that treatment, but the demon doesn’t really care about other people’s feelings.

Waverly tells Dolls what it felt like to be possessed. She assumes that Dolls also knows what it feels like to be possessed, but he explains that he’s not actually possessed. That fire breathing thing is just him. Waverly worries what the demon is up to, since it abandoned her for Wynonna after she was successfully able to resist doing whatever it was it wanted her to do. She just can’t remember what that was other than stealing shiny objects. Dolls offers positive encouragement about their ability to fight the demon, just as Luchado materializes with a gun to his head.

At a local diner, Demon Wynonna is having a field day covering pancakes with hot sauce and maple syrup, as well as pouring loads of sugar or powdered creamer in her coffee. Demons have a wicked sweet tooth, didn’t you know? Demon Wynonna tries to distract Doc with a suggestion that they ignore the fire station in favor of sex, but Doc, presumably seeing Red flag #2, prefers they stay focused on the mission.

Luchado and Dolls roll around the Earp house fighting each other and destroying things while Waverly struggles against still being tied to a chair, no doubt also wondering how they’re going to pay for repairs since clearly Black Badge isn’t paying them any sort of salary and Waverly doesn’t work at Doc’s bar.

When she finally frees herself, she fires a shotgun into the ceiling to get their attention (more repairs). Wynonna is possessed and they don’t have time for them to go all UFC on each other, so they can kill each other later.

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