Wynonna Earp S2. E5: It’ll Blow Your Mind

At the fire station, Doc notices that there is a suspicious excess of medieval-style axes. Demon Wynonna, meanwhile, notices that a lot of other people the demon has possessed died there. The fire station chief/head of the secret order, Ewan, shows up to give Doc and Demon Wynonna an information session about the fire house: it was built on the site of an old church, so the ground is consecrated.

Question: How many spooky old churches are in Purgatory? Rhetorical question. Hissing like an angry cat, Demon Wynonna pulls a steak knife, so Doc diplomatically ushers her out before she can do something even more stupid. As they go, Ewan says to his peers, “Juan Carlo isn’t going to like this.”

Back at the car, Doc shoves Demon Wynonna into the trunk. Wynonna Earp never leaves the house without Peacemaker, but this Wynonna has. Oh, and Wynonna drinks her coffee black. Red flags #3 and 4.

Back at BBHQ, Dolls and Doc muscle Demon Wynonna into confinement, then the Scoobies and Luchado mull what to do. They need Black Badge’s help, but Black Badge isn’t currently answering anyone’s calls from Purgatory. Luchado suggests they get a sample of the original black goo that Waverly touched after Willa died for analysis.

Doc and Waverly head off to get it, while Dolls stays behind to talk with Luchado. Turns out the sample was a ruse to occupy Doc and Waverly, since Luchado and Dolls already know it’s a demon called Mictian (pronounced Mikshun), who has been stalking Dolls since the ever famous “incident in Kabul.” Dolls notes there’s never been a successful demon unbinding, but that’s hardly going to stop them. They need biological samples, and Dolls is ready with some pruning shears.

At the firehouse, the elusive Juan Carlo wants Wynonna kept alive, but Ewan is uninterested. He’s lost too many men trying to stomp Mictian out of Purgatory, and with Wynonna the last one, it’s better safe than sorry. Clearly the title “Earp Heir” means nothing to him. He also asks Juan Carlo about the insignia seal that was exposed and broken, a question Juan Carlo ignores.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.23.26 AM

At BBHQ, Demon Wynonna is sexually propositioning Dolls in return for freedom. Because as everyone knows, all demons immediately resort to sluttiness to distract their adversaries (see Exhibit A: the original “Ghostbusters” movie). Dolls cuts off Demon Wynonna’s finger instead, knowing she can regenerate it. Luchado wants to bring Demon Wynonna in to Black Badge Headquarters to get back in Black Badge’s good graces, but Dolls would rather shoot her than allow that to happen. Wynonna stays in Purgatory, demon or not.


Stereotype alert: all firemen spend all their time working out.