Wynonna Earp S2. E5: It’ll Blow Your Mind

At the site of Willa’s death, Juan Carlo shows up to helpfully let Doc and Waverly know that the Order took all the demon residue and warn them that the Order intends to kill Wynonna. He suggests that to save Wynonna, they give the Order something it wants even more…but literally disappears before telling them what that might be, which is ridiculous because this episode could have been about half as long if he’d just told them how to defeat Mictian. It’s like when your parents decide that you should struggle at something just so that you learn the value of working hard. Or when Glenda the Good Witch doesn’t tell Dorothy that she could have used the ruby slippers to go home from the beginning.

At BBHQ, Luchado decides that bad guys have more fun and invites Mictian in to possess her. Or she gets siren songed into touching the demon goo the way Waverly did. One of the two. But then things go immediately south and her head blows up. Like, a lot. There was a lot of goo with that. So that escalated quickly. When Doc and Waverly return, Doc has an excellent analogy to describe the carnage they find: “Like that time I put a can of pasta in the microwave.” As Doc and Dolls discuss conducting demon chemistry, Waverly wanders off for a chat with Demon Wynonna.


Talking to Demon Wynonna, Waverly makes a snap decision: only Wynonna can wield the gun that will kill Mictian, but she can’t wield it while possessed, so Mictian is just going to have to go back into Waverly. Waverly presses Peacemaker against the demon’s skin, forcing Mictian to abandon Wynonna and do just that. Demon Waverly departs just as Doc and Dolls arrive, but now Wynonna knows Mictian’s plan: create an army, starting with Waverly. Uh duh, the Order could have told them that, right?

Back at the homestead, the Order is hanging out like the farm team on a stakeout. Ewan gives them a rallying speech about the greater good, and it’s impossible to take them seriously with their bird-beaked masks and monastic-style red robes. It’s 2017; could they really find nothing more modern? Visibility must be awful in those masks, not to mention ventilation.

While they pour gallons of holy water on the barn, Nicole tries to lesbian process inside with Demon Waverly. Waverly’s been emotionally distant lately and also why does she have a machine made of ladles and a martini shaker when a thundersnow is about to hit? Per Wynonna, who has just shown up, the answer is that if Mictian touches the device when lightening hits, the demon will be fused with Waverly’s body forever. Wynonna tries to enter the barn, but is blocked by Ewan.

In the barn, Demon Waverly tells Nicole that Wynonna is possessed by a demon that wants to kill everyone. Nicole, her protective instincts on high and her analytic skills on low, promises to protect Waverly from Wynonna as outside, the Order expresses its intent to kill both Demon Waverly and Wynonna, who they think is still possessed.

In response, Wynonna knocks an Order guy down and drinks his holy water. Could a demon do that, she asks. No, admits Ewan, but the order is still going to have to kill Waverly. Eventually, Doc remembers what the Scoobies have that the Order wants: the Purgatory Fair 1952 plate, which he happens to have in his trunk. The Order caves, but under one condition: only Wynonna can go in the barn, and she’s only got 15 minutes to save Waverly before they go in axes blazing.