Wynonna Earp S2. E5: It’ll Blow Your Mind

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Wynonna enters to find Nicole’s gun pointed at her, but she’s quickly able to convince Nicole that Waverly is the one who is possessed after Demon Waverly tells Nicole to shoot Wynonna. Because the real Waverly would never do that, of course. Demon Waverly knocks out Nicole and Wynonna eventually is able to pour the separation elixir down Demon Waverly’s throat. Waverly barfs Mictian out “The Exorcist”-style and Wynonna handily dispatches the tentacle that is Mictian with Peacemaker.

The Order members walk away, briefcase in hand, like it’s not weird at all to be wandering around in hooded robes in the middle of nowhere. Literal middle of nowhere. Unless they parked down the road, they’re going to have to walk for miles in those robes.


Wynonna Earp CR: Michelle Faye/Syfy
Wynonna Earp CR: Michelle Faye/Syfy

But seriously, do they special order their outfits from RenFair sites?

In the barn, Nicole cradles Waverly to her. “I would shoot anyone for you,” Nicole says, in what should be a sweet but is kind of a creepy statement of love. “I would murder another human being for you” is not what I normally get on my Valentine’s Day card, but then again, I don’t live in Purgatory. The two kiss until Wynonna interrupts (Interrupting Wynonna!) and helps Waverly out, leaving Nicole a third wheel. At BBHQ, Dolls has news for Jeremy: Luchado is dead. Jeremy has news of his own: Black Badge is gone. As in, there’s no one left. And as annoying as Black Badge is, that can’t be good news.

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Wynonna goes back to the fire house to talk to Ewan and find out where their lanes in the road are, because right now it looks like both of them have the same mandate: protect the Ghost River Triangle from bad things. And also, to rightfully ask where these bozos have been when everything was going down last season: Bobo and his Revenants, Willa trying to open the Hellmouth, etc. Worst. Order. Ever. Ewan suggests—as Juan Carlo suggested to him—that the Order and Wynonna could be allies, but Wynonna’s not interested. And also because are they going to show up with their bird costumes every time to fight crime? The Scoobies have fashion standards to uphold.

The episode ends with a major, major game changer: when Mictian returned to Waverly’s body, it brought a new piece of information. Wait for it…

Wynonna is pregnant. That’s why she ate so many doughnuts!

Please let that baby come out with a mustache and a tiny black cowboy hat!

To read an interview with Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna) and showrunner Emily Andras about Scrofano’s pregnancy, check out this Variety article. I will only note that Wynonna is definitely not the first “superheroine” to be pregnant: “Xena: Warrior Princess” incorporated Lucy Lawless’ pregnancy into the fifth season back in 1999. So here’s looking forward to seeing how “Wynonna Earp” handles a pregnant Wynonna!