“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.10): Unbreakable

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Dolls kidnapped Whiskey Jim so he could find the mole in his organization, Gus sold Shorty’s and gave Waverly some fleeing money, but surprise! The person who bought the bar was actually Bobo.

Waverly storms into Shorty’s, a tiny ball of fury, Wynonna and Peacemaker close behind.


Bobo struts in and says some icky things about Waverly, and stops her from taking a golden boot off the bar. She offers her official resignation and as payment for disturbing his peaceful drinking establishment, he magics Waverly’s necklace off her, which used to belong to Willa.

This prompts the tiny ball of fury to tell her sister she can’t wait for Wynonna to shot Bobo in his stupid face.

Wynonna Earp 110-2Brains and brawn, these two.

The girls go find Dolls and are proud of themselves; that little outburst, though rooted in true feelings, was part of a plot to bug Shorty’s, and it worked.

Across town, a girl stumbles out of the woods and asks a gas station attendant if she can use her home, mumbling to herself about how she’s free now, she’s safe. After the guy finishes saying really gross things to this girl who obviously needs help, he sees warpaint on her face, and he absolutely flips his lid. He somehow knows she’s doomed, and sure enough, a wolf comes along and eats her right up.

Waverly is listening in on Shorty’s, finding their ramblings about Dolls’ penis rather entertaining.

Wynonna Earp 110-3Be cuter I dare you.

Since they’re not talking about anything important, Waverly steals away to “go to the bathroom” and Wynonna and Dolls exchange apologizes. Dolls is sorry for being MIA while they were planning this ambush, Wynonna for not mentioning that Bobo had superpowers.