‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Arizona’s New Love Interest Is A Literal Sexpert

Diehard Calzona fans were in an uproar when Arizona’s season 13 love interest didn’t quite live up to Callie-level expectations, so none of us were too heartbroken when Dr. Eliza Minnick was fired at the end of Season 13. Did this couple even get an official ship name? Elizona? Ariza? Who cares.

When the news broke shortly after the season’s end that Minnick wouldn’t be returning this season, speculation swirled around how they would exit the character. As it turns out, Minnick exited in a similar fashion as everything else: abruptly and without any class at all. Anxiety-ridden Arizona was beside herself over Minnick’s firing when we caught up with her just days after both the literal fire that blew up half of Grey Sloan Memorial, and the verbal fire thrown at Minnick during the aftermath.

Since she isn’t one for sitting back and giving people space, Arizona shows up at Minnick’s apartment in the season 14 premiere and announces in front of passersby that she’s there to help Minnick lick her wounds, pun absolutely intended. What she found was an empty apartment, except for a couple of movers hauling away the last few pieces of furniture. Cue a meltdown from Arizona that revolves less around Minnick’s departure and more around the fact that she had never heart the word “ghosted” before. This is why we love you, A.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.41.40 AM

They all just keep leaving, so what’s a girl to do? After everything Arizona’s been through, the good doctor deserves some saucy, no strings attached fun for once, so she goes looking for it.

Enter Carina, the sexy, carefree, Italian OBGYN who specializes in, wait for it: the female orgasm. Dr. McHottie also happens to be DeLuca’s sister. Oh yeah, and she’s convinced Dr. Bailey to give her funding and space to conduct a study using female volunteers to masturbate in an MRI, for the love of medicine and the creation of female Viagra. And oh boy girl, are we along for this family affair.

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I’m all in on the innuendo Carina whispers into Arizona’s ears, right after she’s encouraged Arizona to let her patient be stimulated by her husband to trigger natural labor. This playful, over-the-top relationship sets the show on the track to go back to its more light hearted roots, which it’s promised to do this season. That Italian accent murmuring about how prudish Americans are sexually doesn’t put a damper on things one bit.

Although Carina’s presence at Grey Sloan Memorial isn’t all fun and games. Her study triggers the discovery of a tumor in Amelia’s brain, which could change the entire course of her character arc, throwing every decision she’s made during her tenure on the series up for questioning.

Carina’s methods might be unconventional, but they’re nothing to be scoffed at in terms of medicine. If her personality and talents are any indication, Carina stands to be a powerful presence that could make a name for herself among the cast of incestuous characters that clutter each scene of the Shondaland soap. Her tenure on the series could go one of two ways: permanent fixture or playful fling.

As much as I’m enjoying Arizona’s relaxed romp with Carina, I can’t help but hope it turns into something much more than just erotic, exotic fun. After her devastating separation with Callie, Arizona deserves to be much more than the token lesbian character who hooks up with every edgy, nontraditional female doctor that’s brought into the fold to spice up the show.

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At the conclusion of the most recent episode, Arizona received a message —while lying in bed with Carina — that her daughter Sophia wants to come back to live in Seattle, so whether Carina hangs around or not, things are about to get serious. Rumors have been running rampant since before the premiere that Sara Ramirez could be reprising her role as Callie at some point this season, but the proposal has been shot down just as many times as it’s been brought up, so we’ll see what happens. Grey’s Anatomy is on a brief hiatus until October 26, so let’s hope that once it returns Arizona can continue to get a storyline worth shipping again.

Are you a fan of Arizona’s new love interest, or do you miss Minnick? Do you think Arizona and Carina will get serious this season? Let us know in the comments below!