‘Supergirl’: Is Sanvers Going to Break Our Hearts?

If you’ve been following Supergirl since the end of season two, you already know that the Sanvers storyline is speeding toward its end faster than you can say “U-Haul”. Alex and Maggie got engaged at the end of last season after realizing that the chance for true love can be fleeting, what with the end of the world almost happening and all.

Shortly after season two wrapped, Supergirl announces that Floriana Lima would no longer be a series regular, slated to appear in only a handful of episodes in season three. Cue catastrophe and controversy, as Sanvers fans set the internet ablaze with their fury over another potential loss for LGBT relationships to ship on TV. Alex’s coming out story was the heart and soul of season two, and her relationship with Maggie subverted stereotypes and set examples for the rest of the characters on the show in their journeys for love.

We’re three episodes into season three, and if Maggie’s constant presence is any indication, Supergirl is gearing up for the conclusion of the Sanvers storyline. Alex and Maggie’s wedding planning has been a focal point of these first few episodes, and it’s unlikely Lima has much airtime left in the season.

In “Girl of Steel” Maggie confronts Alex and her lack of enthusiasm over the food tasting for their wedding, and Alex reveals that she’s hesitant to have a big, formal wedding since she her dad isn’t around to talk her down the aisle. Alex, as much of a newbie as she is to her sexuality, still clings to heteronormative traditions, and Maggie steps up to remind her that family is what you make it.

Realizing that the honor of giving a bride away is not one that has to be specifically reserved to a formal father, Alex asks J’onn to walk her down the aisle, and I had a hard time holding in the tears. She also informs him that the pair are planning to have the “biggest, gayest wedding National City has ever seen.”

Before we go any further, let me just say this one thing. Supergirl, you are breaking boundaries and crushing the mold here with this wedding storyline. If you fuck it up, I’m not sure Sanvers shippers will ever forgive you, and I am sure that we make up a much bigger portion of the fan base than you realize. Yes, Alex is still and will be one of the main characters this series is built on. She’s out and proud, and will explore future relationships with them if this one fails. But here’s the thing. We have next to nothing as far as big, gay weddings go on television. Grey’s Anatomy gave us Callie and Arizona’s nuptials, and we all know how that turned out. We didn’t even have an L Word wedding thanks to Shane’s running shoes and Jenny’s death interrupting the celebration of Bette and Tina’s future wedding.

We keep getting lesbian wedding snatched (pun intended) right out from under us, and if Supergirl has invested this much energy into building up a big, gay wedding just to take it away, the results will be tragic. Why tease us with the possibility at all?

Not only has the Sanvers storyline been beautifully bountiful when it comes to wedding planning fun, it’s tackled some somber and vital issues already this season, such as chosen family and rejection. But for every step forward, we take a misstep back. The proverbial straw that’s likely to break this engagement’s back comes in the form of, you guessed it, a baby.

In “Triggers” Alex makes a breezy comment to Maggie in the form of an observation of her parenting potential, and was surprised to discover that Maggie doesn’t want to have kids, and it isn’t up for debate. Alex takes the news in stride but is clearly rattled.

In the most recent episode entitled “Far from the Tree,” the entire runtime is dedicate to the concept of parentage, which Maggie’s estranged father making an appearance as Alex’s recommendation (she’s a pushy one, isn’t she?). Once Maggie resolves her daddy issues by basically leaving them unresolved, Alex poses that this step might make Maggie rethink her desire to remain childless, but the former remains stubborn in her resolve. Again, Alex takes the news in stride, but it’s obviously working its way into her core, as the future she envisions with Maggie obviously includes growing a family.

My biggest problem with this means to an end is the obvious implication that Alex and Maggie have never had the kids discussion before. They’ve never been a couple to play into typical lesbian tropes, but the whole white picket fence, wedding bells, two dogs and 1.5 kids thing is a conversation that usually happens early on in a lesbian relationship. Not only that, but the two are engaged. It’s just not like these two people, or any two women actually, to not realize they haven’t discussed those hopes and dreams.

Alex and Maggie have been serious on screen relationship goals over the last year with their open, emotionally supportive, honest relationship, which is being torn down piece by piece with a plot device that could be leading to their demise. It will be devastating to see these two break up, but even more tragic to watch a pairing that has been representing so well go out like this. Wedding bells are ringing, but it seems like Alex and Maggie might be lacing up their running shoes instead of their wedding shoes sometime in the next couple weeks.

How do you feel about the probable end of Sanvers? Will you keep watching Supergirl if Alex and Maggie break up? Let us know in the Comments!