Vagrant Queen – Is this Lesbian Space Mechanic Worth a Watch?

Review: Save Vagrant Queen

In the mood for some fun sci-fi adventures to take your mind off reality? Well, Vagrant Queen might just be the show for you. The SYFY show is based on a comic book and follows Elida, a scavenger and outlaw, as she deals with old friends, long lost mothers, a crush on her mechanic, and a murderous military commander out for her blood. Still unsure if you want to watch it? Read on for our review.

The Good

This show doesn’t take itself too seriously. And that’s where all the fun is. Aren’t we all tried of everything being so gritty and dark when we’re living through The Plagues Part 2: Electric Boogaloo? But most importantly, we have a lesbian mechanic, ladies! Amae, said mechanic, is introduced in the first episode by having a half naked woman leave her room. Okay, queen.

Amae is the resident mechanic, engineer, and pilot. If something’s broken, she can fix it. Classic lesbian. She’s almost unbearably cute and undeniably endearing. Other ladies seem to think so too as we see her confidently flirting with other women. And the second she meets Elida, you know something is there.

Speaking of Elida, how rare is it to have a Black female lead in a sci-fi show? She often finds herself conflicted between her past as child queen and her present as an outlaw. Will she go back to the family she knew, a monarchy overthrown by rebels? Or will she remain with the family she found? And you know we homosexuals are all over that found family aspect. Her relationship with Issac, an old frenemy, is interesting. Meanwhile, her relationship with Amae is fun to watch. You might find yourself screaming, “just kiss her already, fool!” As if you haven’t also said “haha no, she just likes me as a friend.” Even in another galaxy, lesbians are still the same.

The So-So

This show is the very definition of low budget sci-fi. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It may be charming for some, but it might be a little too low budget for others. If you’re used to Amazon Prime’s The Expanse or Disney Plus’s The Mandalorian, don’t expect the same level of  special effects. Having said that, the fight sequences might come off as a bit cheesy, and at times a little clumsy. But if you didn’t grow up watching Donnie Yen movies and perfecting your horse stance, it might not even be noticeable. But be warned, there are some instances of gore which at times feel out of place when the show’s overall vibe reminds you of Thor: Ragnarok. And speaking of Ragnarok, the humor isn’t quite on the same level. The jokes are hit and miss. Sometimes they nail it, other times you’re just doing that thing where you blow air out of your nose. But everyone has their own opinions of what’s funny, right? And lastly, the plot twists might not make you gasp, but they were twisty enough to add more drama.

The Bad

The main villain, Commander Lazaro, is cheesy. And not in a good way. More like a bargain bin Star Wars bad guy. He’s a sadistic, sociopathic, and unlikeable leader. If we wanted to see that we’d turn on the news. For most of the show, that’s all we see from him. They waited way too long to try and make the audience sympathize with him. By the time we learn his sad backstory, he’d already become too unlikeable. Then, he dies soon after that anyway.

Speaking of waiting too long, it took forever for Amae and Elida to get together and kiss. It didn’t happen until the very last episode. And even after that, they had no time to spend with each other. But, perhaps this can be forgiven. The pace of the writing suggests they were anticipating more seasons. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after the first season, apparently due to low ratings. And because of this cancellation, the ending is frustrating. Nothing is really tied up and we’re left with more questions than answers. Worst of all, Amae may have accidentally ended up in another galaxy just a half hour after her first kiss with Elida. 

So What’s the Bottom Line?

If you’ve watched everything on our streaming TV list and don’t mind that it ended the way it did, it might be worth checking out. It truly is a shame the show got cancelled just when it was starting to get interesting. And by interesting I mean gay. But who knows? We thought it was the end for Wynonna Earp, but fans rallied on social media and the fourth season airs soon. But the great thing about shows and movies based on books and comics is, if the show wasn’t enough you can always read the source material. Overall, Vagrant Queen felt like a teaser for what we could have in the lesbian sci-fi market. We can only play Mass Effect so many times to see space lesbians. But unfortunately, it just didn’t get the chance to show us a space lesbian couple kicking ass. And that’s a damn shame. 

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