Lady Ha Ha: “Stars” and “Zoe’s Poster” (Episodes 3 and 4)

Every year, comedians from around the world arrive at the Edinburgh Festival dreaming of being spotted by TV producers, comedy reviewers and top agents. Other comedians, like Jen Brister, don’t even want that much, Jen just wants more than three people in her audience and a promo poster that hasn’t billed her as “Ben Brister.”

In this weekly series, we follow Jen and her friends as she tries to make the most of her first solo run at the world’s biggest arts festival.

Episode 3:

Jen, depressed that her Edinburgh show is getting ignored by audiences and press alike, becomes even more disheartened after seeing Holly Walsh’s poster. Dee’s attempt to cheer Jen up fail.


International viewers can watch here.

Episode 4:

The cracks are starting to show. Jen and Dee stumble upon Zoe in the street and it seems that she may not be that on top of things after all.


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