The Beat of the Urban Shaman: What is Shamanism? (Ep. 1)

In her biweekly vlog, lesbian shamanic healer Giana Cicchelli examines different aspects of shamanism and fields your questions about spirituality.

First, meet Giana. She discusses growing up in Orange County, how she became a shaman, and her first experience of magick.

In her first episode, Giana discuses animism, energy, healing and time travel. Yes, time travel.

A psychic, healer, artist, and professor, Giana Cicchelli is constantly looking to learn new modalities of spiritual practice and to weave them all into her mystical understanding of the Universe. Currently residing in the Valley of Los Angeles, you can find her at The Green Man Store in North Hollywood for readings, healings, or classes in Peruvian shamanism. When school is in session, she is a Sociology professor at Fullerton and Santa Ana College, in Orange County. Follow her her on Twitter @MysticGiana, Facebook, YouTube and visit her website at Please leave your suggestions for future episodes topics in the comments below!