Watch Now! “AIDES”

Writer Shaina Feinberg and playwright Delaney Britt Brewer have teamed up to create and star in a witty new webseries, AIDES, about two 30-something roommates who both work as assistants for a very demanding mother-daughter duo.

In the pilot episode, Shaina scores her roommate, Delaney, an interview with her employers, Janice Lipkin and her daughter, Lilli, two New York City socialites who are full of pomposity, booze, and, it seems, gas. A light satire, AIDES does not shy away from flatulence, whether digestive or rhetorical, as both Lipkins embody that special breed of New Yorker who lives and dies by Page Six.

Shaina is worried, however, that Delaney’s nerves will trigger her racism—what Delaney regards as her “Tourettes.” The interview goes smoothly until Lilli asks Delaney what she thinks about the Upper West Side—and Delaney can’t quash her “Tourettes” any longer:

Watch all seven episodes of the series on Vimeo.