Sochi Olympics commercials sure do feature a lot of the gay

One of the biggest surprises of the Winter Olympics so far has been how many companies and pop culture superstars have rallied around LGBT people to show their solidarity in standing against Russia’s anti-gay laws. 2014 is the first year Norway has allowed commercials to be shown during their broadcast of the Games, and boy did they ever kick it off with a doozy. The first commercial, which aired during the Opening Ceremony, is called “Airport Love” and it was created for the “wilderness interested public in Norway, Sweden and Finland.” It features three Norwegian athletes: Former freestyle football world champion Anders Solum, alpine skiier Edward Beach and Frisbee champion Sune Wentzel. Also, it features ladies kissing.

(Hat tip to my buddy Ed Kennedy over at The Backlot for sending this my way last night.)

These LGBT-inclusive ads ran on the opening night of the games too:

On a related note, pop star Annie has also released a “down with Putin” anthem. Her new song, “Russian Kiss,” features a whole lot of same-sex smooching.

So suck on that, Putin! The gay internet wins a gold medal again!