Michelle Paradise wants your best date / worst ex stories

Best date/worst ex stories. Or worst date/best ex stories. We all have them. My first date with Lori involved taking her to see High Art and then dinner at an Indian restaurant that put way too much cilantro in their food. Now that was a bad date. Fortunately, I redeemed myself by surprising her with a picnic on the beach (that was the best date).

Another bad date? Our third one, when Lori showed up at my Dad’s house to pick me up (yes, I was living with my parents, but I was only 24 and just out of grad school with no job), and my Dad and stepmother sat her down and asked “what are your intentions with our daughter?” just like they did with my sister’s boyfriends. Seriously. They’re very protective. I was mortified, but fortunately, Lori thought it was kind of sweet.

But enough about me. Exes
& Ohs
creator and star (and AfterEllen.com vlogger) Michelle Paradise
and I want is your stories.

As Michelle explains in this video, we want you to post your best date/worst ex (or vice versa) stories, or the number-one dating rule you live by, in the comments below, and she’ll choose some of the best ones to highlight in one of her upcoming vlogs.

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Michelle Paradise Best Date/Worst Exes Stories

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