Brunch With Bridget: Episode 6

This week Bridget lies down with comedian/songwriter Thessaly Lerner (aka the Ukulady), who’s written a special song just for Bridget called “If I was gay I would make out with you.” Later, Bridget sings her classic song, “I’ll love you until the lease runs out.”

Along with the jam session, and playing with Thessaly’s many toys (including a vintage Jabba the Hutt), Bridget and Thessaly celebrate Winston’s 6th birthday. Baby Bridget is still depressed over her breakup with Jill Bennett and therefore not at her top form.

Bridget’s bed suffers irreversible damage during the pillow fight (we knew this day would come, didn’t we?) Don’t forget, No Boys Allowed!

Brunch With Bridget: Episode 6 “Winston’s Birthday Party”

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