This weekend, I convinced Lori to leave Alaska for a few days and meet me in L.A. just to film a special 2008 Oscars edition of She Made Me Watch This! (OK, that’s not really why I wanted to see her — but we thought we’d squeeze in a vlog while we were there.)

Since we’ve seen almost none of the movies nominated this year, we invited Bridget McManus and Karman Kregloe to join us for the post-Oscars analysis in our hotel room (hence the bad lighting) — Bridget because she’s actually seen the movies, and Karman, because, well, she’s fun to have around (Bridget’s not exactly terrible company, either).

Naturally, the vlog got away from us only a few minutes in, with Bridget doing an interpretive dance, me ranting about discrimination against blondes, and Karman smacking Bridget upside the head for making fun of her Stevie Nicks infatuation. Lori mostly just tried to stay out of harm’s way.

If you don’t mind Oscar coverage that’s only 30 percent about the Oscars, then this is definitely the vlog episode for you! If you want substantive Oscars coverage, read Dorothy Snarker’s entertaining and informative Best of Oscar’s 80th blog post. Or do both, and you’ll probably have more fun than you did actually watching the Oscars (honestly, if I had to watch one more performance from Enchanted, someone was going to lose an eye!)

She Made Me Watch This! Oscars 2008

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Look for the next new SMMWT! episode in mid-March, when Lori finally returns to New York (yay!).