3Way Behind the Scenes Video: “That’s Not in My Contract”

The cast of 3Way complain about the trailers, the food and unmet contractual obligations, while guest star Cathy DeBuono resents having to work in the rain, and Bridget McManus is concerned about "all the touching."

Then there’s guest star Elizabeth Keener (aka Dawn Denbo), who is upset at not being able to eat and being forced to clean Jill Bennett‘s car with … well, just watch the video.

3Way Behind the Scenes: “That’s Not in My Contract”

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Was anyone else waiting for Jill to tell Keener to "suck it"? And is it just me, or can Bridget make even a UPS-driver uniform look attractive? (Yes, we’re all about asking the important questions here at AfterEllen.com.)

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