You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! The 2008 HRC Gala

Bridget McManus and I recently stormed the red carpet at the annual HRC gala in Los Angeles where we spoke to some very lovely people.

Legendary friend-of-the-gays Judith Light humbled us with her thoughtful and dignified responses to our ridiculous questions. Then we caught up with Andrea Meyerson, being honored that night with the Local Hero Award for founding the lesbian social network “Women on a Roll.” She introduced us to some of her friends, distracted us with a jaw-dropping gown, and once again confirmed my assertion that she is the lesbian Goldie Hawn.

We also chatted up some of our favorite reality tv gay boys, Christian Siriano (Project Runway) and Jesse Brune (Work Out). Christian told us all about the perks of his new found fame (free fast food!) and gave Bridget some very loving and gentle feedback about her outfit. (If you hear someone calling her a “hot mess,” it was me, not Christian.)

Jesse Brune told us all about being raised by lesbians (we are only slightly more ferocious than wolves) and how the gay ladies in his life have taught him the joys of processing. We love him.

Finally, after some excruciating “will she or won’t she talk to us” drama, Iron Chef America‘s openly gay chef Cat Cora — honored that night with the Hero for Visibility Award — talked to us about her favorite spices, what superhero powers she’d most like to possess, and teased us with a description of the hot new chef uniforms we’ll be seeing this season on ICA.

She even gave a little shout out to AE. Soon after, I proposed to her and we were escorted off the property.

Our apologies in advance for the rough sound quality in the video. My fancy lavaliere microphone ended up being more trouble than it was worth, and after security tossed us out of the event, we took the microphone outside and beat it to death. RIP Karman’s crappy lavaliere.

You Can’t Take Them Anywhere: The 2008 HRC Gala

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Next week: the Reno episode of You Can’t Take Them Anywhere!