What’s YOUR Problem? Episode 13

In this episdoe, actress and therapist Cathy DeBuono spends some time hanging out with comedian Erin Foley. Despite having just survived a night of “chow fun’s revenge,” Erin manages to join Cathy for some reminiscing about how they met playing ultimate frisbee, and discussion of three AfterEllen.com viewer letters. Fruits and vegetables come into play when Erin and Cathy examine the large size of their hands.

Lucia asks Cathy questions about learning how to ride while she’s washing the “Dinah dirt” off of her bike, Cathy’s neighbor Daniel shows up right on time with cocktails, and Erin takes her first motorcycle ride ever on the back of Cathy’s Triumph…

What’s Your Problem? Episode 13 “Chow Not So Fun”

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For information about Erin’s upcoming shows and to see video of her stand up go to www.erinkfoley.com

If you have questions/issues you want Cathy to address, you can leave it in the comments, or private message Cathy (just make sure to let her know in the message whether she can mention your username on air or not).