What’s YOUR Problem? Episode 14

Actress Cathy DeBuono and guest Jill Bennett respond to letters and chat with a group of AE readers from Europe.

As Jill references in the vlog, we’ve had a small but growing number of folks join the site in the last several months who don’t seem to know the difference between criticizing the content of vlogs, articles, or comments (which is fine), and making personal attacks (which is not fine). We’ve had a fairly hands-off approach to this in the past, but we’re going to be less tolerant of personal attacks on vloggers, writers, or AfterEllen.com members moving forward.

This isn’t a widespread problem — most of you understand the difference just fine — and it’s certainly not unique to AfterEllen.com. Most sites go through these kinds of growing pains as they get bigger, we just want to nip it in the bud. Thanks to all of you for being supportive of the site, and helping us figure this out together.

What’s Your Problem? Episode 14 “Up on the Roof”

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If you have questions/issues you want Cathy to address, you can leave it in the comments, or private message Cathy (just make sure to let her know in the message whether she can mention your username on air or not).