You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! Southern France

Bonjour! In the latest installment of our online travel show, Bridget McManus and I embark on a luxurious river cruise through the French regions of Provence and Burgundy, courtesy of lesbian travel company Olivia.

After a brief sojourn in Paris and a quick stop in Beaune (where we sampled the first of many wines), we climbed aboard Avalon’s The Scenery (our ship) and began our trip on the Saône and Rhone rivers. When we weren’t eating and drinking on the ship, we were touring cities along the river, such as Lyon, Avignon, and Arles.

The beauty of the French countryside was breathtaking, and Bridget and I learned quite a few new things along the way — like proper wine-tasting technique, how river locks work, and just how much bread and cheese one human can ingest before reaching critical mass.

We also chat with Betty DeGeneres, a fellow Olivia passenger, and the locusts (they’re everywhere!)


You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! Southern France


Thanks to Olivia and to all the fans we met in Paris and Lyon for making it such a great trip!