Interview With Sarah Waters – Video

Author Sarah Waters‘ second novel, Affinity, which involves women in prison, spirits (as in the dead kind) and an ingenious mystery, has been adapted into a TV movie that just had its American television premiere on Logo,’s parent company, and that movie is now available on DVD. Back in June, when the movie screened at Frameline in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah Waters in person. I toted along my trusty camcorder and videotaped our conversation for you to see. (That means don’t expect anything too flashy! This is a straight-up interview, vlog-style.)

We talked about the movie version of Affinity, whether she feels pressure to write happy lesbian stories, and what she likes to watch on TV in her spare time. She also gave us a sneak preview of her next book, which she is currently writing. Meanwhile, you can read through lots of our previous coverage of Sarah Waters right here.

Interview With Sarah Waters