Sick of Sarah “Daisies”

Warning: watching this music video more than once will make this song stick in your head for days!

I love the refrain, "I’m not singing this love song for you," in this new music video "Daisies," by up-and-coming rock band Sick of Sarah, whom we mentioned in the last installment of our monthly column about queer bands, Sound Check.

Although "Mr. Incredible" is still my favorite song from their album, "Daisies" runs a close second. (And I love the name of the band in general — it makes me laugh every time I read it.)

Watching the video, I almost feel sorry for the poor schmuck who just doesn’t get why this girl he likes is just not that into him. But not quite.

Sick of Sarah "Daisies"

Check out tracks from Sick of Sarah’s debut album, and learn more about them, on their MySpace profile; look for their song "Not Listening" on the newly revamped Brunch With Bridget each week; and vote for "Daisies" on Logo’s Click List.