Pink gets sober, down with herself

It is somewhat ironic that Pink‘s new album is called Funhouse, with most of her tracks referencing her getting wasted, getting into fights and getting over her ex-husband. In the video for her first single, “So What,” we were treated to the singer’s humorous depictions of rockstar life, post-divorce. (She’s still a rock star, she’s got her rock moves, and she doesn’t need you, Carey Hart.)

What could be better than a single Pink, who is ready to rock (and rock tight shirts sporting her famously rock hard abs)? How about Pink making-out with someone as hot as her, aka herself, in her new video for “Sober”?

Pink “Sober”


I am curious as to whether there was someone playing her body double in those sexually-charged scenes, and if so, how do I go about finding out about similar auditions? The special effects are impressive, however, as it really does appear that Pink is getting hot and heavy with herself.

The song “Sober” is actually quite serious and about Pink’s struggle with alcoholism and staying off the drink. (She sings lines like “No pain inside, you’re like perfection / How do I feel this good sober?”)

Until she figures out her next move, it looks like Pink is trying to say that the only relationship she wants to be in right now is one not with another person or any particular substance, but with herself. As long as it’s on camera, I don’t think she’ll have any complaints.