“Classic Alice” is a charming web series featuring a lesbian character

If you’re a fan of classic literature and Felicia Day’s web series The Guild, then you’ll definitely want to check out Kate Hackett’s series Classic Alice. The series (written/created by/starring Hackett) tells the story of Valeton University overachiever Alice Rackham, whose world is turned upside down when she gets a bad grade on an essay. In an effort to break out of her comfort zone and engage with the world around her, Alice decides to live according the great books of literature, with often disastrous results. The entire experiment is documented by her snarky friend Andrew for his film class.

Classic Alice also features Elise Cantu as Cara Graves, Alice’s free-wheeling lesbian BFF. Cara is a mathematics and music student who often serves as Alice’s voice of reason/cheerleader. See their adorable banter below: 

So far, Alice has taken on Crime and Punishment, Pygmalion and A Christmas Carol, to name a few. And the characters are all active on social media, with their own Facebook/Twitter accounts, and even their own podcasts and Sound Cloud mixes. Now that’s method.

Check out Classic Alice on Youtube or www.classic-alice.com