Brunch with Karey Dornetto (Brunch with Bridget, Episode 42)

This week, Bridget talks to the talented, irreverent, and sometimes neauseous comedian, Karey Dornetto.

Karey is also a writer who has worked on such television shows as Arrested Development, South Park, and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. But you may know her best in her turn as The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken in her short film, Hi, I’m Ilene… It was a surprise hit with mountain lions everywhere!

The girls talk about Karey’s latest short, The Blast, Karey’s book 101 Ways to Shave Your Ass, and just for kicks, Karey and Bridget have a “gross-off” to see who can tell the most disgusting story. The prize? Someone else’s underwear.

In this scenario, it’s safe to say that everyone loses.


Brunch With Karey Dornetto
(Brunch With Bridget, Episode 42)

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