You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! Zurich, Switzerland

In our latest European adventure, Bridget and I take a tour of the gorgeous country of Switzerland. Because we were able to pack so much into our trip, we’re dividing this installment of YCTTA into multiple episodes.

Our first stop is Zürich. The largest city in Switzerland, Zürich is known for excellent shopping, gastronomical delights, and a rich cultural scene. Before we arrived there, we’d heard that Zürich had been ranked as the city with the highest quality of life anywhere in the world for several years running. As we explored the city, it was easy to see why.

We had a brief but action-packed stay in Zürich, which included lots of shopping (the Freitag building, made of recycled materials, was one of the most interesting shops we visited), dining on delicious foods (the vegetarian restaurant, Hiltl, was our favorite), and exploring every nook and cranny of the beautiful historic city with the assistance of our incredibly well-informed guide (courtesy of Zürich Tourism). In our down time, we enjoyed our very chic accommodations at The Helmhaus Hotel.

We devoted a whole day to a side adventure at Zoo Zürich, where our brilliant and hilarious (but, unfortunately, camera-shy) guide gave us a fascinating tour of the Zoo’s exhibit on homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Thanks to her, we learned a lot about the gay habits of a variety of creatures. As the saying goes, we are everywhere!

We hope you’ll enjoy the video devoted to our visit to Zürich, and if you have any suggestions for where we should go on future trips back there, let us (and everyone else) know!

You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! Zurich, Switzerland

Thanks to Reto Kleeb and Switzerland Tourism for planning and hosting our trip to Switzerland, to Swiss International Airlines for getting us there in style, and to all the fans we met there for making it such a great trip!