Joni & Susanna: Episode 1 “Party”

This funny new web series written and starring real-life friends Joni Lefkowitz (whom you might remember as the very first guest on Brunch With Bridget) and Susanna Fogel chronicles a passive-aggressive friendship between two women: Joni is gay, Susanna is straight, and they alternate between supporting each other and tearing each other down.

In the first episode, “Party,” the two women are supposedly each other’s wingman at a house party when Joni sees a cute woman she likes, and Susanna wants this guy to ask her out again, but they spend more time sabotaging than helping each other.

Susanna (left) and Joni

It’s very Office-y type humor (i.e. awkward and understated), which isn’t everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but I really enjoyed it. The writing and acting is good, and it’s fun to see a friendship between a gay and straight woman portrayed, even if it is a bitchy friendship (actually, that’s kind of refreshing, too).

You may also recognize one or two familiar faces: Bridget McManus and Julia Miranda guest-star.

Watch the first episode here (or on

Joni & Susanna: Episode 1 “Party”


For some reason, The WB has decided to post all 6 episodes now, but we’re going to run one each day between now and next Monday, so you can enjoy them at a leisurely pace.

If you like the show, watch the episodes more than once — the more video streams these episodes get, the more likely it is that Warner Bros. will continue to fund the series (and others with lesbian content).

Check back every day this week for new episodes of Joni & Susanna, and look for Dara’s quickie interview with Joni about the series tonight.