Lesbian BFF from “Classic Alice” gets her own spin-off in “Musica Mundana”

Fans of the popular web series Classic Alice are already familiar with Alice’s lesbian BFF Cara Graves (Elise Cantu), the quirky free spirit who is double-majoring in Music and Mathematics. Now, Kate Hackett Productions is launching a spin-off series starring Cara called Musica Mundana. The series follows Cara on her summer internship in Los Angeles, where she is joined by her adorable girlfriend Lily (Dyana Liu) and her intimidating new roommate Sam (Lauren Mayhew).


The series is directed by Kate Hackett (Classic Alice herself) and written by Alexandra Edwards, the Emmy award-winning queer writer and producer of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, Welcome to Sandition, and Emma Approved.

“It was very important to me to give Cara and Lily—the show’s prominent lesbian couple—a story that represented queer relationships fairly and warmly,” says Edwards. “So often, LGBT characters are only shown within the confines of stories about their sexuality. I wanted to give viewers something different: a story about early adulthood that isn’t about coming out or getting together. College-aged kids don’t just fall in love and have first kisses. They also have 90th kisses. They also work and play and try to figure out their lives. They go places and see how other people live, and they succeed at life stuff and they don’t succeed at life stuff and they keep on having to relate to other people through all of that. So that, to me, is what this spinoff is about. I loved writing it, and I hope that everyone will love watching it.”

New episodes of Musica Mundana appear on Classic Alice‘s YouTube channel on Wednesdays at 9am PDT. The first episode is available now.