“Eastsiders” throws a bridal shower for its resident lesbian couple

The series Eastsiders focuses on Cal (Kitt Williamson) and Thom (Van Hansis), gay men who were in a long-term relationship but broke up due to Thom’s cheating. The series debuted in 2013 to much critical acclaim, and is now back for Season 2. Among the ensemble cast are a lesbian couple with kids, Bri (Brea Grant) and Vera (Vera Miao).



Bri and Vera will play a larger role this season, as the first season was much more focused on the central couple and Jeremy, Bri’s brother and the man who came between Cal and Thom. The show is very well done and with Bri and Vera bumped up to series regulars, Eastsiders is worth checking out.

In this clip from an upcoming episode, Bri and Vera have decided to make it official and get married. They have a bridal shower with a bunch of their queer friends, and talk turns to straight girls, bisexuality and sex—like every queer party on the planet.

The first three episodes of Eastsiders Season 2 are available through Wolfe Video’s Vimeo on Demand. The series will be available on DVD on November 3.