A lesbian and her dad find commonground in”Skirtchasers”

The new Tello web series Skirtchasers premiered this week, and it has plenty of laughs, queer ladies and drama. Elizabeth Keener (who played the infamous Dawn Denbo on The L Word) stars as Robyn, a recently dumped bride-to-be who finds herself having to face her less than healthy relationship issues and unfulfilling work-life (she’s the editor for the book series “… for Morons.”) It doesn’t help that her mom (Meredith Baxter) would rather pretend that Robyn’s philandering father (Barry Bostwick) is dead than deal with him and his new wife, or that her father has consistently put his relationship with Robyn on the back-burner. You know things are really bad when Robyn can’t even remember the name of her tweenage step-brother (Glee’s J.J. Totah).


Just as Robyn decides once and for all that she’s done with relationships, her father shows up at her doorstep needing a place to stay.  When he breaks his leg, it becomes a more permanent and tense situation. Faced with the fallout once again of her father’s unfaithful nature, Robyn realizes that the two of them maybe aren’t all that different after all. Can Robyn and her father stop their skirtchasing ways? Do they even want to?

While the show is about an out lesbian woman navigating her love life, it’s also very much about family and the ways we wound and save each other. Robyn is nursing some serious hurts from her childhood which influence much of her adult decisions. Can she finally move past the pain with the help of her new therapist (which she picked up at a Dinah resort) and some real bonding time with dad?


The Tello produced series is directed by out actress/director Amanda Bearse, and you will see familiar faces like Clementine Ford (The L Word), Valery M. Ortiz (South of Nowhere) and Brandy Howard (Julie and Brandy: In Your Box Office, Cowgirl Up). To add to the show’s super queer cred, Lea DeLaria lends her voice to the show’s jazzy theme song.


It’s well worth the Tello subscription cost of $4.99 a month. Plus, you will get access to the other web series in the Tello library like newbies Dagger Kiss and Maybelle, plus #Hashtag, Nikki and Nora and much more. If that’s not enough to tempt you, Tello has also made a very clear statement about its content and characters, in response to the recent epidemic of queer character deaths. Get it, Tello.

Episode One of Skirtchasers is available now on Tello Films.

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