Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “Summer Movies” (Episode 25)

Pass the popcorn, people — it’s time to talk about summer movies!

With the glut of bloated cinematic spectacles on (or coming to) a big screen near you this summer, it can be difficult to know which ones to skip and which ones to skip out on work to go see. That’s where we come in.

Some of the movies we discuss in this episode are Land of the Lost, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Julie and Julia, Bruno, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Transformers 2.

We also talk about ways we would improve on some of the big summer movies, like Angels & Demons and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

Dara’s recipe for a great summer movie is this: great special effects, lots of chase scenes and cleavage. Discuss.

Which movies are you planning to see this summer?

Dara & Karman’s Hit List "Summer Movies" (Episode 25)

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