Rachel Maddow mixes a drink for “Diggnation”

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly love Rachel Maddow more, she lays down this dramatic truth: Liquor for breakfast is good; if you mix it with fruits, you’ll have all your vitamins for the day!

At least that’s what she told the guys from Diggnation yesterday morning when she stopped by to guest-star on/bartend their show.

Diggnation is a weekly vlog by Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, the guys who brought us the social bookmarking site Digg.com. It’s sort of a dream job, really. They travel around America, talking about the most popular trends on the internet — and sometimes they get to wake up with Every-Liberals Girlfriend.

Yesterday’s show took place in MSNBC’s digital cafe, at good ol’ 30 Rockefeller Plaza — real life home to The Rachel Maddow Show (and imaginary home to Liz Lemon). I suppose Maddow is just sleeping at MSNBC’s studios now. Her show wraps at 10:00 p.m., and she was back first thing in the morning to roll out the buffet of breakfast liquors for the Diggnation team.

She started them off with a La Sucette, which is some kind of fancy French-talk for strawberry lollipop. It’s kind of an emasculating cocktail, which Maddow points out, but the Digg guys don’t seem to mind, noting with surprise that she’s really good at mixing drinks.

"I know," she quips. "It’s the only thing I do other than be on TV."

My favorite parts of the show are: a) That Maddow is sporting her adorkable glasses. b) That she’s wearing a hoodie to breakfast. And c) That she keeps interjecting her opinions into the conversation. It’s just so very lesbian.

You can watch the show below. Maddow is interspersed throughout. Be forewarned: The language is kinda NSFW.


Another important revelation Maddow dished out during Diggnation: The Rachel Maddow Show doesn’t have T-shirts — but they do sell souvenir cocktail shakers!

Watch Rachel Maddow’s appearance and let us know what you think.