The Walk-In Closet is OUT to Make You Laugh

The Walk-In Closet calls itself “A very heterosexual web series.” Really, there’s nothing GAY to see here. Nothing at all….

Unless you count the butch lesbian, her GBF, and well….you just have to watch and see. and you should, because it’s hilarious, it’s real, and unlike some web series out there, the production quality is great. AfterEllen had the chance to preview the first few episodes of the Canadian comedy, and so far we have not been disappointed.

We reached out to the Montreal-based series creators to get a synopsis.

Billie is a mediocre-at-best lesbian stand-up comic. Sterling is a gay ballet dancer, although he actually has some talent. Together they share a “trendy” loft apartment, perform in drag to an audience of one – their enthusiastic best friend. Oh – and they’re also getting married!

Sterling needs his Canadian residency, and well, Billie doesn’t have too much going on in the love department… Unless you count the hunky delivery woman who delivers the self-help books Billie buys a little too frequently! All they need to do now is convince their families and a sexy, uptight immigration official of their extremely legitimate, and very heterosexual relationship.

The first four episodes are available to stream now on Vimeo