Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “The Scale” (Episode 32)

We’ve all heard of the Kinsey Scale, but as effective as it is for measuring sexuality (or sexual history), it doesn’t really address all the variations of gender that we see expressed by people on a daily basis.

Having absolutely no root in science, sociology, or even good sense, this week Dara and I construct our own scale examining all the colors of the butch/femme rainbow that we see in pop culture. On our scale, a "0" might indicate a woman who is butch enough to get "sir-ed" by the clueless at least once a day, and a "10" might indicate a woman so femme that her nail polish is permanently tattooed on her fingers.

We guesstimate where some of our favorite celebrities (some gay, some straight, some … not), such as Jodie Foster, Clementine Ford and Queen Latifah, might land on our make-believe scale. We also try to place ourselves and each other on the scale, with wildly varying results.

If you were using our scale, where would you land?

Dara & Karman’s Hit List “The Scale” (Episode 32)

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