Jennie McNulty Presents: Walking Funny With… Ondi Timoner

This week, join Jennie on a walk with filmmaker Ondi Timoner. Her newest project, We Live in Public, is a documentary where Ondi followed the eccentric internet pioneer Josh Harris for nine years, chronicling everything from his “underground bunker experiment” where 100 people lived for 30 days to how he and his girlfriend became the first couple to “live in public.”

You’ll also find out how winning The Sundance Film Festival changed Ondi’s life, why she’s glad she never went to film school and how she went from a senate page to an award winning documentarian.

In conjunction with the release of the We Live in Public DVD, there will be a live chat with Ondi on March 1. Find out more at and And, as always, check out hysterical outtakes from this walk and see some photos of’s One Night Stand Up at