“Bridget McManus Presents: That Time of the Month”: Episode Six

In this month’s episode, host Bridget McManus introduces some fresh female faces and brings back some of her favorites artist. First up is rapper Michelle Hart with her music video “Imma Homo,” Lady lover Arielle Scarcella gives a step by step tutorial on “How to get the Ladies” and TTOTM favorite musician, Bitch, teams up with director Billie Jo Cavallaro for her new music video “Open Up.” Brunch With Bridget veteran, rapper Mélange Lavonne, gives an exclusive listen to her new song “Google Me, Bitch” accompanied by the brilliance of Dance Magic.

Comedian Jennie McNulty‘s alter ego, Dirty Steve, sits down with Bridget to discuss her upcoming Drag King Show in Provincetown, MA. Bridget attended last year’s drag show, dressed up like a man, and freaked the audience out. Jennie, er, Steve, has the footage to prove it.

Finally, OneMoreLesbian.com traveled with Bridget to cover the 8th Gay Games in Cologne, Germany and while they were there Bridget competed in the Latin Dance Competition. No spandex was harmed in the making of this video.

TToTM: Episode Six


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