Nicole Pacent and Rachael Hip-Flores star in Rachael Cantu’s new music video

Anyone But Me has released an exclusive new music video from Rachael Cantu starring Nicole Pacent and Rachael Hip-Flores. The song, “Make a Name for Me & You,” is from Cantu’s 2009 album, Far & Wide. Here’s a clip:

You’ll have to pay to watch the whole thing, which gives you a 7-day-rental, and gives Anyone But Me 70 percent of the profits. But with the new pay-to-watch model happening on the web, will Season 3 follow suit? Creator Susan Miller tells Tubefilter it won’t.

“We weighed in on the subscription model and ultimately decided against it,” she said. “Our thinking was that it’s going to limit the number of fans we’re going to accumulate. This is about growth and I think numbers will be weighed differently for a series like ours. With the music video we’ll experiment with the $0.99 charge to see it, and possibly try something like this with the episodes in Season 3.”

So what will you get for your dollar? Some insight as to what’s happening with Vivian and Aster during the break. Says Miller:

They’re young and they are going to explore some things. But, they’re a couple. And in the world of on screen romantic relationships, theirs has a passionate following. So, we don’t want to abandon this couple. If we’re being honest to the age, teenagers do act out when they get their hearts broken or battered and they can’t see the future at that moment. They can’t see far enough ahead.

It’s looking good for them so far. We’ll just have to keep waiting for the new episode to find out.