“Bridget McManus Presents: That Time of the Month”: Episode Seven

In this month’s episode, host Bridget McManus welcomes back her co-host Taffy Davenport and heralds another installment in Stacie Ponder‘s Space Girls series. When we left Captain Motts on the last episode of Space Girls, she and her crew were under attack by the evil space cat. Watch today to find out what happens in episode 3 (and to check out past episodes of Space Girls go to Spacegirlsnow.com). 

Also in this episode, The Locals share their music video “Big Picture,” the band Hunter Valentine gets loud with “Revenge” and Once A Pawn jams out to their newest song “Can’t Figure You Out.” Plus, director Anna Margarita Albelo offers a quick fix to Lesbian Menopause and TTOTM‘s own associate producer, Ashley Linder, shares a very important PSA, “We Hear You.”


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