Kristen Stewart knows that women would go gay for her

In an interview with MTV, Kristen Stewart said she is aware of what a Krisbian is. Watch her reaction after the interviewer asks if she knows what he’s talking about.

If you can’t watch for some reason, then here’s the breakdown: Kristen says she can’t lie about it. And then she says it “really pisses one person off.” She jokes that she means her brother, but it’s quite obvious she means her on and off-screen boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

“It’s funny,” Kristen says and tries to deflect by asking the interviewer how his name could be turned into a lesbianish reference, but he tells her it wouldn’t make sense and congratulates her on her name working quite well. “Thank you,” she says.

So what is a Krisbian? It’s a straight woman that would go gay for Kristen. I take this to mean that she is pretty much aware of how lesbians love her, too, so women in general. How then, pray tell, can her boyfriend be upset about this when there is a whole gaggle of Team Edwards? Is the fact that women want her so offensive to him?

But, as for Kristen herself, it’s hard to tell how she feels about women being attracted to her. As usual, she’s sort of fidgety and uninterested in answering questions in general. But rest assured, women of all sexual orientations, she’s aware of you.